Ten Most Missed Tax Deductions

Don’t leave money on the table by overlooking these tax deductions. See the ten most common deductions taxpayers overlook on their tax returns so you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Common Tax Deductions

Don’t miss out on any of the more than $1 trillion in tax deductions.

The most recent data show that more than 45 million of us itemized deductions on our IRS Form 1040s—claiming $1.2 trillion dollars’ worth of tax deductions. That same year, taxpayers if you claimed the standard deduction, you accounted for the $747 billion in standard deductions. Some of those who didn’t bother to itemize their deductions probably shortchanged themselves (If you turned age 65 last year, remember that you are entitled to a bigger standard deduction than younger folks).

Here are our 10 most missed tax deductions. Claim them if you are entitled to them, and keep more of that hard-earned money in your pocket.

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